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Car Insurance Compare

Searching for an affordable car insurance package? Get faster and quicker car insurance products at the best and cheapest rates from Compare Junction.

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Van Insurance Compare

Save your time and money by visiting Compare Junction to get cheaper insurance coverage for your van. Choose from over 30 reputed insurance companies.

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Home Insurance Compare

Make your home safe without spending much? Compare Junction is here to help you to compare different brands which provide the best home insurance in UK.

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Motorcycle Insurance Compare

Compare junction will take care of your motorcycle insurance. Evaluate and select the apt motorcycle insurance product for you from a list ..

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Campervan Insurance Compare

Pick the best insurance for your campervan from Compare Junction. Compare the Campervan insurance products provided by quality insurance ...

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Caravan Insurance Compare

Now, travel with out fear to anywhere you like. Compare Junction is here to provide you with the best Caravan insurance products for your caravan.

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Pet Insurance Compare

An opportunity to decide what is best for your pet. Compare Junction offers pet insurance packages from reputed pet insurance companies at reasonable rate.

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Life Insurance Compare

Secure your life and live happily. Compare and choose affordable life insurance coverage for you from a list of life insurance products in Compare junction.

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Compare junction is a website which gives you comparison of the best and cheapest insurance products available in the market. How compare junction can help you to save your time and money is explained here. Have a look to be the proud person to have the best available insurance in the cheapest price. How can we assist you?


Car Insurance

While you go for car insurance, you can choose different types of schemes which will cover you in different ways such as cover for risks such as damage, replacement, personal accident cover for you, third party death or injury claims, Break down cover etc and also features like no claim bonus in the renewal premiums. Compare junction will help you to compare such features and covers offered by different companies.


Van Insurance

Among all the companies providing van insurance in UK, some companies offer you insurance for vans up to 2500 cc. Also you can have immediate cover even before issuance of the policy that means just after you receive the first premium receipt, if you have met with an accident, you can claim the amount. Not all the companies are providing such benefits. To find which company is offering such services, you don’t need to go for a lot of browsing online. Compare junction compares them for you.


Home Insurance

Home Insurance covers your home from unwanted and uncertain risks. Some companies offer you a standard insurance of up to £1million for your homes. Along with that you can have a claim for alternative accommodation if your home is in an unhealthy condition in the event of a claim. Again you can have a cover for the contents of your home also along with it. Find out which company offers you the most benefits, online by comparing all the companies.


Motor cycle Insurance

Can you believe that you can have a 90 days full cover per trip when you traveling out of UK within the EU. You can have multi bike policy; covering up to 4 bikes by a single policy also is available in the market. You can also have a cover for legal expenses followed by a motor cycle accident. If you have an uninsured loss, you can have coverage for recovering that also. You can have a lot of other benefits also when you take your motor cycle insurance. Don’t forget to visit compare junction to know all these before renewing your motor cycle insurance.


Caravan Insurance

You can have insurance for both your static caravan and touring caravan. Most of the insurers offer comprehensive and low cost cover to make you comfortable while you enjoy with your recreational vehicle. Along with personal accident cover and accident damage cover, you can have a public liability cover and also for the cover for recovery costs. Compare junction will help you to find the most favorable for your risks in a low cost.


Campervan Insurance

You may be a proud owner of your new campervan, even if it is a second hand one. But you should make your campervan safe from fire and theft and other risks. Some providers offer you storm damage cover where as some other may offer you flood damage. A lot of insurance providers are there in UK who differs between features and price for your money. Compare junction will help you to find which company gives you the best cover in the lowest price available for your campervan.


Pet Insurance

You can have insurance for all types ‘of needs of your pets like cats, dog’s etc including cover per conditions, cover for advertising and reward, cover for life saving treatments in the situation of critical illness, etc. You can even have ethical pet insurance to take care of your pets in their old age. You can even opt for a life time policy for your pets. Visit compare junction before you go to select the best option to have a pet insurance.


Life Insurance

Your life is the most precious thing in this world. So you need to insure it at any cost. If you are the only earning member of your family and you have a dependent at home like your children, you should have a life insurance cover to help your family to keep their life style if you are not there also. If your family budget does not have a saving which is double the amount of your expenses every year, you also should have a health insurance to take care of the contingency situation of a critical illness. Visit compare junction to have a proper comparison of the best policies available.


How does an insurance policy differ in premiums and what compare junction do to find it?

Your insurer has a department known as actuary who calculates the premium. They calculate the premium on the basis of a past data available with them. This premium is known as risk premium which is the actual value of our insurance. The risk premium will be added with the office expense. Most of the time the risk premium will be similar and the actuary can decide the expense factor in the premium. They also used to fix a service charge for the insurance policy services. Different companies fix charges of their own, for these office expense and service charge. The company which takes the lowest amount for these two factors can give you the insurance in the cheapest price. That means the most expensive insurance may not be the best. You can even go for the cheapest one to get the same benefits, provided if you can have a proper comparison of all these factors. Comparing all these factors about more than 100 companies which offer you insurance services will be difficult. So compare junction helps you to compare them for you to get you the best and the cheapest insurance available in the market.